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21st Sep 2018

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1st Jul 2018
Noble Ravens Corp. is a community/clan/club/group/team of people who share a love of gaming, be it on Xbox One and or PlayStation 4. We are also getting into local Airsoft for the members who are in the greater Columbus OH area.
We game together whenever possible, but appreciate those who have a life and we'll NEVER shun you if you have a family and responsibilities to attend to and can't get online all the time. Saying this means that we are very friendly and casual, but also can be competitive when needed. Most of us have secure jobs and a family so we understand that gaming is a thing we love but will not be top priority for a lot of you. 

The NR is constructed of people from everywhere around the United States and Canada, the NR does not exclude people from anywhere in the world but It's preferred that you speak English well. 
NR has a bit of a structure in regards to chain of command, we are by far a RP or Milsim community but we do have a rank system that is in place for various reasons.
If you would like to join us go ahead and register and submit an application!
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